petak, 20. travnja 2012.

L'Oreal Color Infaillible Eye Shadow

I already have one, it's pretty good, so I bought one more. I think that this is beginning of one huge collection.

This one, Sahara Treasure, glides well on eye lids, looks greats and stays on evan more better.

Color is something like old gold, rotten gold, rusty gold. Like really old gold. Golden that has few olive - khaki tones is it.

A lot of sparkles can be cought in here!

This reminds me of Giorgio Armani Eyes to kill - shades can't be defined exactly. 

Packaging is nice, not too classy, not to cheap. 

This shadow is really long lasting, with base and without.

For comparation, left is my old one - Hourglass Beige which is more pale, softer and much lighter. They are both shiny and long lasting.

If you're looking for true gold, then try this Dior, photo is up side down, here is upper right, but actually it is bottom left, a true gold shade which is more similar to Hourglass Beige than Sahara Treasure. 

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