utorak, 8. svibnja 2012.

Make up Factory - Sensitive Eye Shadow Base

This just another in row. And this is only one I didn't regret.

At first, I've been using it with my fingertips and it didn't last whole day. Now I use it with brush and it does last whole day.

Problem is, it is very liquid, actually, it has this watery component that needs to be mixed with rest. First time I opened it I was shocked. Oily water was flowing out of tube. Now I press the tube, and everything is OK.

Color is very similar to Art Deco's base. Neutral, lightly shimmery, nude color. Great for single use and as base.

Tube contains only 7 ml, I am using it for 3 weeks now and I think I've spend more than a half of it.

- affordable, about 10 euros,
- long lasting,
- nude,
- not irritating, 
- not drying, 

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