utorak, 8. studenoga 2011.

Shu Uemura Blush

A few months ago, I bought this really orange blush. Reasons? Have you seen Jennifer Lopez gorgeous orange cheeks. I have always been a fan of that color but I couldn't find that color. And than, I saw this blush on StrawberryNet and I knew I had to have it. I've placed my order and the blush was mine.

Blush is really that orange, yes! So, I don't like this glass packaging because it is not practical to use anywhere else, except at home. It opens really easily. I can't carry it in my bag because it opens. Packaging is simple, minimal.

Cover opens completely so it is great for big blush brushes. I use Ecotools and it is huge. Actually, I'm not sure if it is my small cheeks or the brush is huge.

 So, about the blush. Color is warm. It is suitable for warmer tones. Blush contains small shiny particles. I don't press brush hard, instead I just touch it lightly. This is color that can make you look great, but if you use it too much it is more suitable for circus. Texture is light, not too shiny, it adds natural glow to cheeks. Color lasts whole day. Price was reasonable - about 30$ for 5 g. As I mentioned before, I use only small touch of it and it can last very long.

Have you noticed that on left? This blush hit the ground and stayed in one piece. Huge +.

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  1. Definitivno najčudnije rumenilo koje sam vidjela:D