subota, 28. travnja 2012.

Bioderma Sensibio DS+ cleanser

Another get from Bioderma. I never regret buying anything with Bioderma logo.

I love that Bioderma is all about sensitive skin. I never had any bad reaction to Bioderma.

Cleanser is mild and foams really, really well. There is a lot of foam!

Gel, by itself is weird. It is hard to take it our of tube, I have to press hard, it looks like old glue, but in contact with water is comes out foamy. 

Sensibio DS+ cleanses great, skin is left pure, there are no make up residues, no oily skin or anything else. Just pure skin. And my skin is so smooth! Just like after exfoliation BUT without exfoliation.

I still didn't notice any drying.

In one word, actually two: Worth buying!

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