srijeda, 25. travnja 2012.

La Roche Posay Effaclar gel

This is cleanser that you need.


This is thorough cleanser, better than any exfoliant. After cleansing my skin with Effaclar I can't see any dead skin or parts of skin, only pure and smooth skin. 

Problem is that Effaclar is very drying and very harsh. It is not great for everyday use, I use is sometimes, usually when I feel like I need one great exfoliating. 

- removes dead skin cells better than anything I've tried before,
- harsh and drying,
- not suitable for regular, everyday use,
- use it sparingly,
- great choice for really oily skin,
- always, but always follow with super moisturizing cream or gel.

P.S. This is 50 ml, before was 125 ml, 50 ml costs 27,5 kn or 3,6 euro. I call if affordable.

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