petak, 1. lipnja 2012.


As it said on english: It's vaxing time, now it's sugaring time!

I bought it in Bipa, maybe a month ago. I like Gilette Venus razor, skin is smooth but it requires often shaving. I don't have a lot of spare time lately, you noticed that.

And I saw this sugar paste for removing hair.

Bought and tried. And I loved it.

It is not so hard to use, after you practice a little. It is important to take only a small drop of sugar, maybe a 1 cm - 2 cm ball. Squeeze a few times, just to warm it so it is easier to use. 

Legs are the the best for practice. Start from bottom. Press sugar to skin and rub few times. 

Now it important to rip sugar of your skin. That is why sugar should be small, not big because it is then hard to remove. 

Procedure is similar to wax stripes just without stripes. Hands and fingers are instead of stripes. 

And pain?

If waxing is 9 in 0-10 scale, sugaring is 2. The only pain is when hairs goes out of skin. Sugar doesn't damage skin it just removes hair.

The be honest, it seems expensive, but I used only small dots of sugar.

I love sugaring.

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