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Prikazuju se postovi od svibanj, 2012


Believe it or not, this is the product for hair that I've been searching my whole life. This hard to use foam is great. 1. Shake the bottle. 2. With tiny comb separate your hair. 3. Spray just little above the hair roots. 4. Blow dry your hair. And you are ready to go to Hollywood. My hair is after this so "higher". My hair is so airy, and so far from hair roots. This is great for people with oily hair because this lifts hair from scalp and hair looks better.

Pantene serum

To be honest, I did buy it because I never buy Pantene. New lines are launched so I was in temptation. Serum seams oily but my hair absorbs everything. Serum is not white or thick, it is clear and use to use. I press pump twice, serum falls in my palm and then I press my palms and next I go trough my hair.  Hair seams silky and shiny. Not too shiny but not dry. Overall, better than expected and I will repurchase.

New Givenchy collection!

... and one more new from Chanel ....

Les Essentiels de Chanel

New Chanel Collection!

Very soon Chanel will release new collection for Europe, and it is all about eyes. I hope I will see it in Croatia. First, Inimitable Intense - nothing new, but it is good too se it re-released. Sublime de Chanel WATERPROOF. Regular was great, but waterproof. Can this mascara be better? This golden Illusion D'Ombre is called Vision. Quad is Intuition and both of them are new. Well known purple Illusiore and Variation quad. New Abstraction and old Eclosion. I will buy Abstraction. 

Looks I liked this days

You can see the rest of gallery on  Zimbio .

Revlon PRO

As you all know by now, I have a long blond hair. It is not natural, it is dyed. Every 4 weeks I go to in salon treatment to color and highlight my hair. However, sometimes color turns out too yellow.  So, I tried a lot of silvers and other yellow killing products. And so far, this one is my favorite. It has two fazes, I don't know which one does what. It has pump, so it is easy to dispense. Just a few pumps are enough for less yellow hair. This bottle lasts for months, sometimes even a year. I never get that ugly purple dots or purple highlights.  All I see I less yellow and more shiny hair. Problem is that I can get this only in salons.

New Chanel collection!

Looks nice, look at this Illusion D'Ombre - very similar to Mirifique. This highlighter also seams nice. Oh, and I gotta feeling it won't be available in Croatia.

Look what I did!

What happens when you mix harsh peeling creme and soft oil? One hell of a exfoliation. Harsh peeling is not so harsh, it is soft and oily, but still effective. Skin is left pure, soft, silky, smooth, not oily, glowing - gorgeous. Try it, you won't be sorry. This, my friends, is one of my greatest beauty how to.

Nove maskare

Sigurna sam da ako redovno pratite moj blog, znate koji model je koji brend. Jedva čekam Givenchy!


Kako sam jednom napisala: Nismo pravo ni zagrebale gornji sloj sa aktualne kolekcije, kad evo nečeg novog!  Ja sam trenutno na Dior bronzeru, očekujte slike uskoro, kad evo zimskog Chanela! Moram priznati, ne sviđa mi se ovo roza sjenilo. I koža je preblijeda.

La Roche Posay

About to buy just after I finish my Caudalie Vinosource (expect review soon)!

Look of the day

Charlzie Theron at the premiere. Dress is Dior, clutch is Dior, maybe make up is Dior? I love this make up.  We usually don't see Charlzie like this.