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New Givenchy tools

I will buy new expensive foundation brush and Givenchy seems to be a good candidate.

YSL summer promo

Would you swim wearing this make up? YSL make up artists think so. I'm joking, this is promo promo photo for YSL summer collection. I love this bright color.

A few good looks

You all know who this is - Sofia Vergera. Woman with great skin, make up, hair and outfit. Flawless in any occasion.

Mask time

I use masks all the time. I just love them. I use them every few days. Sometimes for hydration, sometimes for cleaning, sometimes for feeling better ..... One day I use Lotion mask, other regular, old fashioned mask ....

Bye, bye Chanel Perfection Lumiere

Or goodbye to Chanel Perfection Lumiere! Let's take one final look at this foundation. After this bottle is empty, here is my opinion. What I love about it: - light, oil-free, - B10 is light yellow color, ideal for winter, - non comedogenic, - scented, - flawless complexion, - long lasting, - buildable coverage, - can be light, medium or even full coverage! What I didn't like about it: - can be too dry looking, - sometimes I feel like it is too drying, - pump, - why can't B20 be imported into Croatia? Final toughs: - I won't buy again because I have a lot of foundations in my stash, - it is good, but not better than Dior Nude or Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, - good foundation, but not super good, - recommended for buying, but try it before.

Chanel Summer Collection - full preview

Bioderma Sensibio DS+ cleanser

Another get from Bioderma. I never regret buying anything with Bioderma logo. I love that Bioderma is all about sensitive skin. I never had any bad reaction to Bioderma. Cleanser is mild and foams really, really well. There is a lot of foam! Gel, by itself is weird. It is hard to take it our of tube, I have to press hard, it looks like old glue, but in contact with water is comes out foamy.  Sensibio DS+ cleanses great, skin is left pure, there are no make up residues, no oily skin or anything else. Just pure skin. And my skin is so smooth! Just like after exfoliation BUT without exfoliation. I still didn't notice any drying. In one word, actually two: Worth buying!

Chanel promo

New from Givenchy - a brand new mascara!

Lovely! Look at that brush! I am buying it this summer. I loved the Phenomen Eyes, but this has 3 Phenomen brushes! I really can't wait to try it.

News from Givenchy

Autumn Collection - enjoy!

La Roche Posay Effaclar gel

This is cleanser that you need. Why? This is thorough cleanser, better than any exfoliant. After cleansing my skin with Effaclar I can't see any dead skin or parts of skin, only pure and smooth skin.  Problem is that Effaclar is very drying and very harsh. It is not great for everyday use, I use is sometimes, usually when I feel like I need one great exfoliating.  Conclusion: - removes dead skin cells better than anything I've tried before, - harsh and drying, - not suitable for regular, everyday use, - use it sparingly, - great choice for really oily skin, - always, but always follow with super moisturizing cream or gel. P.S. This is 50 ml, before was 125 ml, 50 ml costs 27,5 kn or 3,6 euro. I call if affordable.

L'Oreal Paris Nail polish

This is light colored polish. It is like skin color but better. It is not too pale but it is not too pink, not too dark. This is great color for any occasion and any styling.  Color No. 102 is great for low profile, nails do look great but they don't scream "Look at me!". Longevity? Two layers - five days. I am very pleased with this color because I don't have to think about color of my clothes and I don't have to think about really long lasting color of this polish. Highly recommend.