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Dior Forever Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear

For the record, I own Dior Nude in 21, Chanel Mat Lumiere in 20, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua B20 and Chanel Perfection Lumiere in B10 (because B20 is not available in Croatia). My skin in oily, with enlarged pores all over my face and my face is light yellow based color.

So far, Perfection Lumiere was great, but the color is a bit too white.

Yesterday I tried the new Forever. I never tried the old one. 

First: The color. Mine is 020, which is supposed to be match for a light neutral skin undertone. Although I'm yellow undertone, this one worked just fine on me. It is for light skin tone, but my skin was pale, I had nice, healthy skin color. Unlike Mat Lumiere it wasn't yellow, or too white like Perfection Lumiere. Color is actually very similar to Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua B20, it is light color but not white. Forever 020 has enough neutral and yellow tones in it, but it is not suitable for very yellow skin tones. Very yellow tones will find it too neutral and will look much different from neck and decollete. 

Second: The application. I used my finger tips because I was in a hurry. This is the part that made me say: "Wow!" I first applied it to my cheeks and I couldn't see my enlarged pores anymore! I was shocked! Foundation is very liqiud, like water but on face it is nothing like that. Sets very nicely on face, very blendable and doesn't dry too quickly (great for building coverage).

Third: The coverage. My face is currently in stage with no imperfection, so almost everything is now for me full coverage. I would say that Forever is medium coverage foundation because I have few red spots as reminder on few acne from last week. Forever covered those pink - red spots but they are very small and not very noticeable. I used only one layer and I believe that two layers would make perfect full coverage. Also, tapping a small amount would also create on spot coverage for blemishes or something smaller that doesn't require coverage for full face. 

Fourth: The finish. On my oily skin foundation did have satin finish. My face wasn't oily, it had nice glow. I didn't set it with any powder and it lasted well, about two and half hours I got shiny and then I blotted and dusted Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre in 20 and my face was mate and flawless until sleeping (I removed it first). I must admit that I didn't add my foundation before dusting powder. Although my face did get oily, especially on nose, Forever didn't melt on my nose. It stayed there, like Flawless Perfection.

Fifth: The verdict!
Dior Forever is currently my favorite. It covers my pores, makes my face flawless, doesn't look artificial or visible. I was looking in a mirror and couldn't stop thinking that my face looks so natural, like I don't wear any foundation. Simply, my face looked like it is perfect and bare. It lasted on me whole day, conditions weren't extreme, yesterday was 15 degrees. 

So, I highly recommend this foundation.

Forever is more like Vitalumiere Aqua but it is not as creamy as Aqua, Forever is more watery. Color is very like Aqua, much different than Perfection Lumiere which makes me really pale. Forever covers enlarged pores better than anything else, Aqua is too light for my pores and I have to blend carefully, Perfection Lumiere blends well, but Forever is better. Perfection Lumiere lasts just like Forever. I believe that only color could make difference when choosing between Perfection Lumiere and Forever. Price is the same, so really color is only different thing about this two foundations. 

After removing Forever my face wasn't tired of this foundation. I couldn't see any breakout, but it is to soon. But sometimes, only one wear is enough to see damage causing foundation. 

For example, on right is Perfection Lumiere B10 and on left Forever 20.

Please note that I didn't buy this foundation, I use samples. One my dear friend offered me a deal. E-bay, 30 samples, 1,5 ml, for 16 euros. Who could resist that? Really.


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