nedjelja, 8. travnja 2012.

Caudalie Premieres Vendanges

Fist of all, I am back to writing on English because I've noticed a lot of international readers. Thank you!

I've bought this Caudalie as the same time when I bought Beauty Elixir and eye cream. Both of them impressed me, so did this Premiers Vendanges, at the beginning. 

I started using this cream during winter. It was cold, wind was terrible, heating was even more terrible. So that was the time when my skin was happy with this cream. My forehead was well hydrated, my nose wasn't red, my cheeks were fine and my chin was great.

What happened? 
Season changed. My skin didn't need oil in this cream anymore. I've noticed blackheads all over my face. 

I still think that this cream is great, but not for my skin type, and not for any other season except winter. Although the description says that it's suitable for all skin types, I disagree. It seems light, it looks light, but it is more between light and rich texture. I think is it more suitable for normal skin, dry skins won't find it enough hydrating. 

During that 2 months when this was great for my skin I didn't have any breakout, I didn't have any problem at all. It was great before foundation, it was great for my neck too.

Problem is, I don't need oily textured cream right now.

I would love to try some other Caudalie's product such as Vinosource range, cleansers and exfoliants and Vinopure fluid. Problem is, on Croatian market are available only few lines of products, mostly with anti-age benefits.

I bought Premieres Vendanges in the local pharmacy, tube is 40 ml, and costs less that 20 euros.  

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