subota, 14. travnja 2012.

Tips I tried

We all heard this: drink a lot of water, exercise, walk, eat healthy etc. for better looking skin. I have always wondered what works and what doesn't work. In past few weeks I did some kind of test. I have been drinking a lot of water, I have been using Lotion Masks, I have been using regulars masks, I have been using face oils, hydrating care, I have been exercising, walking, using less makeup .....

Actually, now I'm wondering did I have time for anything else except taking a good care for my skin?! Silly me, I did have time for lot of other things, but taking good care of your skin in really time stealing activity. It takes about an hour per day.

What I did:

Lotion masks with Nivea toner - skin is much more softer, smoother, better looking, plumped and most important - my pores are less enlarged. Lotion mask is great for relaxing after a long working day.

Regular mask - also Nivea - I will share with you more in few days.

Drinking a lot of water actually helps! I feel clean, my skin feels and looks clean. Well, it make sense, water cleanses inside out skin and body. 

Face oils - almond, jojoba oil, I really love them. I put oil before my foundation and result is glowing skin and it is much easier to apply foundation.

4 komentara:

  1. do sada sam ulje za lice uvijek koristila uvečer ili kad ne nosim make-up. pokušat ću baš nanijeti puder nakon ulja. u zadnje vrijeme mi se nešto jako počeo sviđati glow look :)

  2. istina, ulja su zakon! ja volim argan, badem i maslinu (iako je maslina dosta teška, ali moja koža ju voli u svakom agregatnom stanju i proizvodu :))

  3. ma argan je zakon, apsolutno za sve.

    bas cu isprobat ovo s tonikom :)

  4. Probaj ovo sa losionom, budeš kao i ja - svako večer ležala sam vatom na licu, odlično je.

    A argan ću kupiti - onaj Oshadi kad potrošim badem, ito samo zato jer ga ti imaš.