utorak, 1. svibnja 2012.

Bourjois Blush No. 15. Eclat Rose

A little round blush? Do you know any woman who doesn't have or had one of those?

Small, practical, useful.

I really love the small brush, the mirror and the blush itself.

This is one of only few brushes that came with product that I actually use. It is firm, small and good for cheek bones structuring and finding you cheek bone.

Blush is powdery. It takes only one light swipe with the brush and cheek is really rose colored and radiant.

What I love about this brush is that I can always use my fingers to blend it even better.

I really love this one. I look fresh, rested and healthy. Blush is really powdery and I don't use a lot of it. Just one light touch with brush is more than enough.

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