utorak, 10. travnja 2012.

Lotion Mask a la Beauty Break

I red about it, I found the video about it and I tried it.

Things you need:
1. Cotton
2. Clean water
3. Alcohol free lotion

I chose this cotton pads because they are soft, left one is round shaped and right one is square shaped.

Shape is irrelevant.

Square one is much softer.

Next you have to moist the cotton. I put it under a lot of cold water and press between my palms instead of squeezing. Bottom line, put cotton under the water and then take water out of the cotton.

And now all you need to do is to put some alcohol free lotion on cotton pad and put it on your face. I use 5 cotton pads.

Lay down on your couch, relax for 15 minutes and your skin will be grateful. 

I am using this mask since thursday and in the morning my skin looks like I am wearing foundation but I am not wearing any foundation when am waking up! Skin is really hydrated, relaxed and looks much better. 

Plus, it is great for relaxing.

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  1. znači probala si ! super!

    mene malo zbunjuje riječ toner, odnosno losion, nije mi baš najjasnije šta treba koristiti 1. tonik za lice koje se koristi nakon mlijeka 2. tonik za čišćenje lica- kao ovaj nivein-tako piše na njihovoj stranici 3.lotion- lagano hitdratantno sredstvo hm...
    šta ti misliš ?